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Known for delivering highly prophetic and powerful messages that calls for kingdom transformation and challenges destructive, dysfunction cycles and systems, Apostle Randall’s ministry serves as a catalyst for change, growth and development. Apostle Randall is committed to educating, equipping, and empowering God’s people to recognize and respond to their purpose. As the founder of Kingdom Empowerment International Ministries Apostle Randall has built a reputation for conducting highly effective training sessions and workshops on topics such as Servant Leadership, Armor Bearing, Prophetic Training, School of the Prophets, Intercessory Prayer and various leadership workshops. Apostle Randall is a published author of several training manuals and one book, “21st Century Women Apostles”.

Apostle Randall is licensed with the Church of God as a Minister of Christian Education and possesses a Masters in Public Administration with a concentration in the Leadership and Management of Nonprofit Organizations as well as a Bachelor of Science in Human Services from Upper Iowa University. Apostle Randall utilizes these credentials by serving in the community in various capacities. Apostle Randall also serves as a primary instructor with the Canaan Theological Seminary and College.